85% Reduction in Electricity Tax for the Industry in Spain

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85% Reduction in Electricity Tax for the Industry in Spain

From January 1st, 2015 are available the bonuses approved by Law 28/2014 for the industry in general, that even known since 2014 some intensive sectors in electricity consumption (chemical and electrolytic, minerals and metallurgical) could apply them. This bonus require some details that must be taken into account, since they can lead to complications and failures, which although not volunteers, they can bring unpleasant consequences.

The process for applying this bonus can be very simple or very complicated, everything depends on how we make the analysis and study of each case and aspects that must be met. From the consideration of industrial activities, cases of one facility or cases of industrial groups with various facilities, it will be important the percentage of subsidized consumption, availability of specific CUPs or the need to communicate changes.

The amounts saved can be very significant, since although the tax can be apparently not too high percentage, expenditure when talking of millions of euros, is very significant. Suppose a processor of metal with a 3 million euros annual electricity bill, the tax could be about € 150,000, in this case we could speak of a savings amount about € 127,500 (estimates shown are rough and subject to approximations).

As one of the conditions is that at least 5% of turnover (with changes in inventories in work in progress and finished goods), is power consumption, it is of great interest to the case of industrial groups. These groups can take different locations where certain facilities or business units met, and others not, but maybe do meet a whole, and therefore you may benefit all its industrial activity.

Ask us about your case, it is a very interesting incentive, which aims to start lowering the energy bill, although the view is the revision of Directive 2003/96/EC with a high probability that remove almost all other exemptions for energy products taxes, other than electricity.

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