EAF Heat for Electricity and Municipality by Cogeneration

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We bring this news published by colleagues de cosp because we consider very important and significant for several reasons we discussed. Although you want to give absolutely novel character, maybe it is something, something already studied for years, for example in Spain. In the first part of the last decade, they began studying in various foundries installing turbines for power generation, using the heat produced by the electric arc furnace (EAF) for steel melting and / or raffinate in Spoon. At that time they were involved some professors and some consulting, but what was missing was grant and willingness to invest in enterprises that saw only what they could get electricity, but not erab able to assess a possible agreement at the municipal level for the use of waste heat in district heating systems or heating at the municipal level, or as is the case cited, to serve steam to other companies.  

No doubt that if such solutions were developed, the big advantage for conusmidor and public administrations would be the cheapest available Energis, provided that these activities were running, but would also suffer, as companies that had invested in networks gas especially since consumption would be reduced very significantly during the winter because these activities also tend to operate 24 hours a day, including weekends. Anyway, we have found pleasure reading this article, though, we witnessed that these projects are not new, are known and are an example of win-win for almost everyone, but certainly require stability in the long term to cover the investment.

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