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Directive 27/2012 had also warned that Spain would reach the obligation to seek energy efficiency in all areas of even single individuals of any energy activities sector. It seems that the final transposition is near, as the draft is available. The Directive and the draft RD is a fairly comprehensive guide to the processes and timelines related to business registration, registration of existing and future audits, etc.. 

We'll see how the actual implementation of Directive develops, but it is necessary to provide for the second quarter and the end of the year, this transposition is published and at least should make business registration and reporting entities. It is advisable to start by measuring and analyzing the energy efficiency of buildings and facilities, to determine the steps you will have to give.

There are different ways to manage energy consumption, a good system is the implementation of ISO 50001, which is easy when you have ISO 14001. We'll see if the little industry left or decimated estate coffers allow some activity or job creation in this area, as we have seen what has been generated with the "energy certificate of housing", hopefully not concerned recaudatorio another argument, and really serve to improve an area in the industry (we speak in general), has much room for improvement, although, having already working on it.

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