Grants for Carbon Relocation Risk Compensation

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Grants for Carbon Relocation Risk Compensation
We have commented many times how the European Union (EU) has missed a lot of industry and jobs to emerging countries, with two goals, reduce its domestic greenhouse gases (GHGs or GHG English) emissions and meet its environmental commitments, and to improve the environment within the continent. For these and many other, even more important reasons, a very important sector of the Spanish industry (and the individual citizen) wins a price increase of electricity that has managed to send the growth of the industry in these countries, plus part of which was implanted here.
In December published the Royal Decree 1055/2014, of 12 December establishing a provision for compensation for the costs of the indirect emissions of greenhouse gases for companies of industrial sectors and subsectors exposed to significant risk of "carbon leakage" and the April 21, 2015 was issued the call for such grants in 2015, which can be requested until June 3, 2015 and whose processing is electronic. Interestingly, the list of sectors and subsectors specified, as well as providing reference values ​​of electricity consumption in the manufacture of products covered by the NACE codes in Annex II, and which are subject to emission trading both sectors, as sectors that are not.
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