Towards a Green Office 2011

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The report on the survey of the environmental situation of the offices in Spain, conducted by Aire Limpio, Garrigues and Aguirre Newman, corresponding to 2011 did not disappoint the expectations created.

It has become clear the importance of conducting studies and energy audits, in the past were a clearer focus to other sectors, to be carried out with two direct original objectives for environmental control and cost reduction, and secondarily to start or strengthen positions of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and marketing. In addition, we would highlight several revelations:

  • While in Germany about 5,000 micro-cogeneration equipment units are sold a year, in Spain only 200.
  • The consumer climate is double the consumption in lighting.
  • Consumption in large corporate buildings or sites may be reduced by 20 to 30%.
  • Sustainable practices are not cosmetic anymore, now investment and return are measured.
  • Sustainability will be the standard in afew years.
  • The European Commission is planning to edit a sustainable production and consumption plan for 2015.

The energy consumption is key, and today, a pillar of the cost of building maintenance. To progress in reducing consumption and costs should begin to measure, "all that is measured is improved", as so often stated in the talks of quality, etc.. It is also interesting that some companies have begun to implantas sustainable mobility plans, area where ATEC + ID can participate with the studies and the provision of electric bicycles. There are several trends in energy and environmental certification, it is curious that in the certification of sustainable building certifications are gaining BREEAM, LEED, ... while the assessment of air quality inside buildings, is through ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and UNE 171330.

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