IMechE Iberia performs the SOFE 2014 competition

Category: Photography & Branding

The IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineeers) Iberia, which groups Spain and Portugal, held this past Saturday November 15th 2014 the SOFE (Speak Out For Engineering) competition at the Alcobendas site of UEM (European University of Madrid). This competition is aimed at young engineers as IMechE members with less than ten years membership, who based on engineering content, aim to develop presentation skills in public, as a resource to use in their future professional development.
ATEC + ID collaborates with the IMechE through Javier Aseguinolaza who is the SOFE Leader. This competition is one of the most interesting activities that the institution develops in a yearly basis in Iberia (Spain & Portugal), and all around the world, do not forget that has more than 110,000 members, is present in 140 countries and counts for 160 years of history.

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