Kaizen and Development for Hotels and Tourism

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This summer has been for much, but we emphasize the verification of scope for improvement in the tourism sector, especially around your organization and implementation of internal and customer-focused organizational systems.

First bring the obvious need for technological development of links between points of domestic tourism. There inside Spain, a lot of destinations where tourists seek information, routes, guides, plans, etc, and have access to know singular points of our territory. There are many areas.


that lack access to tourist information, and yet as some publicity is done, the influx is massive. Without wishing to advertise here cite La Mancha, largely unknown to many, with its windmills, lakes (tables, gaps, ...), mountains, towns and cities, culture, etc. There are specific tourist offices, which however are not interconnected, or offer regional information, etc, local only.


Donostia - San Sebastián

Continue citing the surprising finding of the absence of efficient organizational systems, even in hotels belonging to chains which assumes a certain reputation. There is a huge amount of aspects that can be improved for the elimination of waiting customer, the customer does not pay to wait and, increasingly, value their time, especially while on vacation. Well, there are still staff tourism businesses (hotels, etc.) and his having no clearly internalized this idea, and have no issue with an avoidable queue 50 people, while between meals lost a valuable time to prepare your back work and patient care (process).



The third and final comment, we echo that there are many tourist destinations, hotels, singular points, etc, which are not renewed or that do not offer anything new from the latest decades. These are destinations that do not innovate, they believe that by having a certain appeal, will always be a top destination online. Although attraction renewal periods are long, on the renewal in other industrial and service sectors, the image of decay is also difficult to correct once it has been created so we insist on the need to innovate, improvement and renewal.

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