Microsoft test a robot for IoT

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Microsoft test a robot for IoT
These days Microsoft is showing its solutions to bring industrial robots using the cloud networking and 3D sensors, using its technology to the IoT (Internet of Things), linked through Windows platforms.
In a demonstration in Hanover Messethe industrial fair in Germany par excellence, this past week, Microsoft and Kuka Robotics are showing an industrial robot arm that sends data movements to the platform on Microsoft Azure cloud for staff Human supervise production. This approach opens the eyes of many to the delocalized supervision of complex operations. The system is able to identify who comes to maintenance, and also lets be accessed remotely to collect all data accurately, the idea is to present a new way of interacting robot-person without a human driver.
All this area incorporating electronics, automation, software and internet, the business and industrial processes, is in a phase of great development, also powered from EC public programs such as H2020 of the European Union (EU) with the program Factories of the Future and future extensions in the industry.
Our vision is multiple, for sectors and companies that can see huge differences in these aspects related to the evolution towards advanced systems for monitoring, control and execution of processes. There are still large clusters where the tour as well as being long, it becomes urgent to address it. There proved to enter the line of continuous improvement, modernization, innovation methodologies, that is, to get those differentiating and advantageous aspects that many companies have, are optimized, can provide all returns and are used to better position our companies in the market. Technology is key right now, define costs, and can open the future of many business lines, can count on us to address their strategy.

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