Quality systems and future ISO 9001:2015

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In these weeks has sparked an intense debate about the future ISO 9001 and its focus on risk control, among other issues. This is a step forward in quality management, to anticipate multiple aspects of the operation of enterprises, ending suffering processes and final customers, especially deficiencies in defining processes, and especially in planning quality.

In the new approach, management focuses on proper identification, assessment, control and risk acceptance for quality and certified companies that should not be a trauma, as it reasonably can evolve from the data for continuous improvement the study of corrective action, non-conformance reports, statistical processing, etc. In other quality systems with this approach, it is important that all management give a little twist to observe activities from a higher level, to place in the prevention of nonconformities (for example) ... it really is a step toward a higher level of quality.

Such systems also require validation of equipment and systems, please contact us about it because they are unique to ATEC + ID activities, although the forecasts we use is that the new version will be published in September 2015 thus there will be a deadline of 2018 to be certified under the new version. Parallel will continue certifying existing systems until September 2015, and in the case of new certifications, we assume that the period be extended to 18 months after the issuance of the rule.

Do not hesitate to ask us to adopt an implementation strategy, development and certification.

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