Reduce Energy Consumption with ISO 50001 and Improve Energy Efficiency

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Reduce energy consumption with ISO 50001 and improve energy efficiency
The energy audit to be undertaken by large companies for December 5 in compliance with EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU, is a great opportunity for these companies so as to raise awareness to many others, about the convenience to perform such audits and also about the cash result is usually obtained on both energy savings and energy efficiency. These two concepts are often mixed, with savings or energy reduction target of ISO 50001, whose implementation and certification is very interesting for most companies to reduce expenses, and even just to reduce costs, in addition to leave free audit by the Directive to companies certified under this standard. This system is applicable to any sector.
We wanted to bring here an interesting excel chart to show that the consumption control and energy efficiency, which usually requires a certain level of plant optimization, can be perfectly viewed and understood by different professionals and departments. The key issue is to have data and tools suitable for this purpose, work that is determinative of the quality of technical control and management carried out in a company, and also identifies the presence of internal business intelligence. This display can also be detailed, as energy transformations within plant in referral to CO2 emissions, etc.
Energy consumption has been remarkable for closure, transformation, replacement or renovation of many facilities in Spain and even in Europe, and the ratio of energy consumption to pollution is also a relationship that until now was moving to the ISO 14001 systems environmental management through the consumption of raw materials and energy. However, the already widespread or global awareness that businesses have impact on the environment, leads to companies are also valued for their energy-environmental performance (in addition to health, prevention, quality, innovation, and others) as value Social Responsibility.
The implementation of ISO 50001 generally leads to the implementation of controls, data or simple organizational changes that lead to the identification of saving opportunities without large economic costs, or at least not that be in relation to the benefit obtained.
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