Boba Tortoise Spawns 80 eggs in Almería (Spain)

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Boba Tortoise Spawns 80 eggs in Almería (Spain)

The news was published exactly one year that we did echo a similar story does, and we publish on this our web, Loggerhead turtle nests on the beach of San Juan. It seems that we are not doing anything wrong, and when the environment is cared for, even emerging economies may appear, do not forget that in Costa Rica, Tortuguero is one of the tourist destinations that characterizes the country and provides image (marketing), respect and many income through tourism.

Similar cases are happening, documented since 2001, with varying intensity, but hopefully it from being a "... rare event in the peninsula ..." (territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment), to be an espcially content careful and guarded. Also the fact that you come to produce this type of spawning in different beaches in the area, suggests that it is a natural detonation of these turtles, or reintroduction is correct and successful.

80 eggs were transferred to an incubator of the Biological Station of Doñana, where it is expected that the pups born in 60 days did you see? its disclosure would be interesting, as well as 112 ciudadadanos who warned, raising awareness it is interesting to go at all.

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