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El sábado día 25 de octubre de 2014 tuvo lugar una jornada sobre innovación y fabricación en la UEM (Universidad Europea de Madrid) para los alumnos del Máster en Tecnología de Fabricación y Organización. Javier Aseguinolaza, Director de ATEC+ID, fue el encargado del desarrollo de la jornada, que contó con una interesante asistencia. La jornada se estructuró en tres partes, comenzando por le enfoque de la Estrategia de Innovación, como guía para localizar y dirigir los esfuerzos y recursos, así como para identificar a la competencia, y desarrollar estrategias y tácticas que nos puedan ayudar a la consecución de una posición competitiva aceptable, e incluso de primera línea.

On Saturday, October 25, 2014 held a conference on innovation and manufacturing in EMU (UEM) for students of the Master in Manufacturing Technology and Organization. Javier Aseguinolaza, Director of ATEC + ID, was in charge of the development of the day, which was an interesting assistance. The day was divided into three parts, starting with her ​​approach to innovation strategy as a guide to locate and target efforts and resources, and to identify competitive, and develop strategies and tactics that can help us achieve an acceptable competitive position, and even frontline.

A non-exhaustive review of systems, methodologies and / or tools for implementing the strategy of innovation in the company, in terms of practical functions, in order to translate the strategic at plant or office lines was performed. The following link is a similar presentation to the one used, which we hope will be of interest.

Finally a description of steelmaking processes was done by incorporating a description of the technological aspects which should incorporate the development of a plan for business intelligence, as a tool to move the process knowledge of the people, and a description of how to implement good some of the tools described in the previous presentation, in a real factory.

Thanks to the UEM for such flanged opportunity.

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