Abandoning Manufacturing Prevents New Jobs

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In a recent survey carried out in the USA by the Manufacturing Instituteand Deloitte it was revealed that there exists a lack of skills and overall talent gap, and that this is a significant thread and challenge to U.S. Manufacturing. 80% or respondents to the survey related 5% of their jobs remained vacant because they could not find workers with the required skill set. This 5% translates into an astonishing 600,000 jobs unfilled which is unfortunate in a time of a 9% unemployement rate.

The study shows the hardest jobs to fill have the largest impact on performance and nearly 75% report that the lack of skilled production workers impact the ability to expand operations, in adition 69% think it will worsen. (ATEC+ID opinion) ¿Is this surprising? It is not, the same could happen in Spain now, In the USA manufacturing was being abandoned in the last three decades, especially in the last two when it was relocated, so in the growing economy years (they are growing in the USA), there's not only shortage, but the manufacturing professionals changed to different activities, which if linked to the increase of technological issues makes it even more difficult to find qualified staff and willing to enter or move to these activities. 

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