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Encouraging creation. The first artificial air purifier in the world was opened last September in the port city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Known as "Smog Free Tower", the work of Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, has become a symbol of consciousness against urban pollution. This work, with a size of 7 meters high by 3 of width, is striking for its modern and even futuristic architectural structure, which may well resemble a tree; however, what is really striking is what keeps inside: an air purifier can filter 30,000 cubic meters per hour of contaminated air. It uses technology similar to that used in ventilation systems of hospitals ions. Through this technology it is achieved that dust particles (pollution) adhere to ions so that they are collected inside the purification apparatus.

Many will ask: "What about those particles of pollution Where end?". And here's the most striking, the "contamination" collection is used to make rings and other pieces of jewelry! A result that, from the point of view altruism and solidarity, can be conceived as a method of financing new projects beneficial to the environment.

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And there's more. This eco-design work and create a clean air space in the city center, runs completely on renewable energy and has the equivalent of a teapot energy expenditure. Therefore, we can say that it can also become a symbol of energy savings, which we promote strongly from ATEC+ID with our plans for energy study and implementation of ISO 50001 energy management systems.

After such encouraging developments such as the "Smog Free Project", hopes arise from a change in consciousness and attitude regarding pollution. However, despite all the euphoria may have generated this news, this is not the solution to the problem of pollution, but simply to be understood as a symbol that think and act for the reduction of pollution urban, and we all live in an environment to which we must take care to continue taking advantage of it in a symbiotic relationship.

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