Buildings Energy Efficiency Certificate

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Buildings Energy Efficiency Certificate

From last April 6 as published in the Real Decreto 235/2013, it is mandatory for the promoter and owner of any building or part of it, to hold an energy efficiency certicate for:

  • The new buildings
  • The ones to be sold or rented to a new lessee
  • The buildings or part of them in which the Public Authotity occupies more than 250 m2

From that date, the obligation will be extended to all public buildings by 2018 and all the rest as long as 2020 if it was not going to be sold or rented in advance.

The certificate has a validity of 10 years, and derives the "energy efficiency label" to be used in any promotion or advertising that is for sale or lease erform d eun building or part of it.

¿Do you want the Energy Efficiency label of your building or house? send an e-mail

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