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We bring this article here after 4 years, but why? Before you answer it, you need a bit of memory, that memory necessary for relevant issues. A few years ago that some banks began to expand their business into the commercial sale, such as selling insurance to product placement, etc. Given the crisis that hit the sector, some more than others, one could understand that their business was no longer feasible, or it was not so and that they needed to get income from other business lines, and even buy new business opportunities (insurance portfolios), etc.

But it's been a few years (over 7), and now, in Spain, the directors of banking offices no longer know if they work in a banking business in the commercial department of an insurance company in the financial department of an automotive, in a department of a business inteligence advisory, or where. What is the big deal? Is it as simple as a single problem? Our answer is no, and it is not a sectoral case, one could say that each bank is relatively handled differently.

It is clear that banks are trying to find new sources of income, because their traditional business is not enough, and therefore reduce staff and dedicated the rest to do what previously done with more people, but also staff is no longer engaged in banks, but keeping there to inform, to make reporting, and so much that today there are many bank branch managers who invest more time reporting than in their own business, but why is this so? Again the answer is complex and could be due to regional or area directors with not sufficient knowledge about the business in this days, as like in other industry or offices, and so they need to devote to office managers to exercise commercial supervisors of their teams Does this make sense? Not too much, right now that after several years, they should know which indicators or business kpi should be completely automated, and being completely controlled, returning the directors to their banking business, or maybe not, and the problem it is the viability of the model, or perhaps not, and the problem is that banks are going to digitize more, but none dares to be the first.

Any process of change, to ensure the success of own change, progress, improvements are achieved, etc., it must be accompanied by a monitoring and in all processes of change is necessary to have the staff, which is key to the success of the change and needed to get a rich result and has enjoyed the consideration of all aspects. This issue is key, and is not avoidable. Two studies today two major consulting firms (McKinsey and ILX) were published, one kept saying that 30% of the change processes fail in the long term. In ruling in that there are three key factors, people, performance and communication infrastructure. It seems clear that the sector has not been provided with communication solutions where transfor to digital will be the one imposed, also less employees and it seems to be more in the future, and those who work in offices are unhappy and do not find the sense of what they do, and finally banks are tending to unify making them more efficient facilities. Our diagnosis is clear, the sector, like others, is already way deep scan that will require people with deep industry knowledge, both internal and external, as in other sectors processes, and on the horizon several risks are perceived, the first business would be not to turn digital properly, including all business reporting (McKinsey), and the second would be not to have adequate staff to deal with the process, including the change itself. In this context it is noted that the same thing as happened to other sectors, the weight of banking staff is going down, and therefore it is also expected that in a few years this sector could lose influence level. However, given that ATEC+ID is characterized by its optimism, we want to encourage the industry and we think that in this case the sector will not leave 30% of its own mass on the way, will get digitalized successfully, leaving the reporting to a small percentage of time and business intelligence will be able to analyze it in record time, while staff attends pleasantly customer in an office, in a central office, or visiting companies and businesses, while anyone with internet access can perform all desired operations in real time.

MsExcel is still a requirement for more than 80% of managers, which is an utility and use indicator, at least in Spain. We have decided to shear some ideas we consider interesting, that we will keep placing in our news/comments and this website contents. The first one is a very dynamic way of visualizing data, with a huge development potential !!

MsExcelCalls Indicator 1

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