Competitiveness and Exports

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There were communicated interesting data and references to take into account during the meeting organized by "Dialogs for Democracy" and ATOS and EADS as special sponsors, among them, one can hear now that banks could start to open out after june. Moreover, Spain makes few exports, it was already known, but the ones who export are the big companies or corporations, the SMEs that export are a few and a lot of them fail in the attempt. Only 4% of companies exporting in 2001 still do it in 2010, and in addition exports concentrate in Europe being the destination of 65% of Spanish exports. It also breaks the supposed image of North Africa as an important destination because it's only 4%.

Therefore the ICEX will deepen in the initiation and consolidation of exporting SMEs, and to do so, moreover economic measures, it initiates a new walk in which big Spanish corporations with consolidated foreign presence will help to succeed via the Strategic Direction Council. It is expected these subsidies are about a maximum of 25.000 € per company provided it is distributed by a 50% for ICEX and the rest 50% for the companyor.

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