Complicated Aspects in LEAN and LEAN Six Sigma

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Complicated Aspects in LEAN and LEAN Six Sigma
We bring up this topic derived from several cases that have occurred recently regarding LEAN concepts rather than really about Six Sigma, but affect all three.
First we try the simplest, inventory in LEAN. LEAN indicates that the objective is to eliminate the inventory, but yet totally eliminate can and does typically reduces productivity and/or process flow. Therefore, after locating the base and value bottleneck line, the goal will actually identify the minimal inventory for maximum productivity at optimized costs.
The second case would be different though related to productivity or optimized process flow and cost. This concept leapt during a recent conference, in which the question was that LEAN seeks maximum productivity, however our complete response that statement, LEAN seeks maximum productivity optimized, ie maximum productivity at lower cost. We show here a graph in which we can observe that there comes a time when a significant process cost stops decreasing with increasing productivity going to make it a less cost-efficient productivity. In this case, considered separately, would claim clearly that productivity would LEAN corresponding to the inflection point of any annual curves, which have been improving from 1999 to 2001, by which point optimum performance have improved so continuous, which is itself the target for LEAN and LEAN Six Sigma. This graph shows simultaneously increases for productivity and lower power consumption, which means that I am able to produce more at lower cost.

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