Continuous Improvement is not Problem Solving

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We bring up this issue because we continue to cases of confusion, in business and industry, about the concepts of Continuous Improvement and Problem Solving as collaboration tools and management systems. Both concepts are compatible, meaning that continuous improvement can make use of problem solving activities provided that is not its unique content, just only part of it. Continuous improvement implies not only or occasionally to solve problems, but mainly to improve or go further in the records, operation or management of any process, event, etc.. Problem identification and resolution or control, is a function of any person in a company. However, you have to avoid this function not allowing us to exploit past successes, avoiding to take the whole development time. If this were so, and the problems follow, stay, etc, you need to change the approach to best practices and to small improvements and satisfactions. Something that always gives problems and definitely not resolved, usually something to change. When problems and faults are persistent and constant, a great risk appears in companies, paralyzing the company at one point and time, with respect to the evolution of its competition, and it often affects other functions, not just that part or departmnt of the company involved in the poblem focus.

Some companies are oblied to change and others chose it, take into account ATEC+ID to design your improvement plan, innovation plan, strategy and problem solving tools.

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