Customer Experience: Web and not only Web

Category: Photography & Branding

The customer experience is being one of the focus of any webmaster's job and also of any quality manager, job where we also at aTEC+ID include, and offer to our customers. In the web case this experience does'nt only depend on the activity of potential customers in the web of any company, but also is influenced by the trade mark image and/or corporate image. In this days of economic instability, there are several aspects with strong influence on user experience, the company's image, trade marks or any other organization to be assessed, that are acquired on public opinion or from the market due to other reasons, as atitude over different problems of people can be, image or presence of their managers in scandals in the fiasco of SREs or other adjustment programs, etc. 

The periods of rehabilitation of companies to market conditions are becoming more frequent, so that the structures, methods and organization are also more successful when they are well adapted to this reality. Market leaders that sometimes define this direction are very few, less and less because the market is global, and are usually in some facets, usually never absolutely. It is essential to take care of the user experience while maintaining a degree of supervision over the continuous interaction with the market, at a fair price and this is why we launched this offer for your website, online shop, content generation, etc., so you do not have any initial cost.

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