Deductions for R&D and Patent Box

Category: Photography & Branding

Whether the applicant has failed to address the application of tax deductions for R&D&i, or need help, please contact ATEC+ID to the end of the summer. There are still many companies doing activities of innovation and continuous improvement, yet these incentives created precisely applied to encourage such activities.

In ATEC+ID are aware of the complications that often occur in the preparation of financial closures, general meeting, corporation tax, etc, which often complicate the preparation of deductions, we we will be those who are alert to deadlines, collecting information, document organization, calculation of deductions, etc., so that either your department or outside counsel, not having any problem and have the corresponding technical and economic evidence, and even certification and / or motivated report.

We can not also forget the comments and proposed for inclusion in the tax reform of certain beneficial aspects for some sectors such as software development and animation, considered in the Spanish Council of Ministers of August 1, 2014, including the extension of the quantities that can be monetized in the absence of the tax credit amount that could be generated.

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