Digitalized, or ..... hmm.... Digitalized

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Although it is already landed there are many cases where it is not known what digitalization means, or how to deal with, especially in SMEs. First we must make an effort to understand what is digitalization, which like all abstract meaning, allows many ways to see and understand, as we become more familiar or as the sector in which we move. However there are common aspects that identify what is digitization, such as the transfer of vision and business processes to digital, that is, to computerize, to automate, to upload them to the web, the cloud, etc, this is , to move from traditional processes and business models, to products, processes and services based on information, connectivity, and Internet and/or which may result only information, customer satisfaction, shuttles, etc.

That said, it is necessary to return to the starting point, and ask yourself where you want to go, or what you want to get, but elaborately as developing a strategy whose result can change the outcome or product initially contemplated, generating more than estimated, or become unviable. Yes, all this is necessary to be able to admit failure, error, etc., because at least at first when we value the viability of the proposal will be assuming there is risk, success. This risk is not only technological but mainly is subjected to well-known risks in the Project Management and even better known in projects implementation of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), Lean (Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office, etc.) and Lean Six Sigma, where are problems of relationship between people, the capacity of cultural evolution, the ability to leave prior to embrace new methods habits, communication, etc, which have more influence on the degree of success of a project.

Interesting article from Harvard Business Review, which says that 30% of business activities in the United States, can be automated, equivalent to 1.5 days of our workweek, well, of some already that entrepreneurs is continuous. Among the activities covered, the case of marketing managers still take time to make decisions on pricing, estimate costs, etc. is exposed, and yet find no time to develop new ideas, new strategies, etc.

Do you think any department manager or owner or partner of an SME would be ready for this? No, of course not, but we can let us advise, it's time of collaboration to develop a strategy defining the target to reach, and the paths to follow, and methods for process analysis and how to change them, moving them to "digital". Following this line we find that really, all that methodologies are already known and can be handled, remember the "added value" Lean Manufacturing projects, for example. We can not forget that today and tomorrow more, the customer who receives or takes a product, also wants to get information in advance, further information, and even ideas of what you can do with it and how it interacts with others, that is, wants information that in many cases will define its final satisfaction level. Connectivity equipment, not only wereables, but also industrial equipment, is what is known as IoT (Internet of things), which is an important part of what we call digitalization. Digitization is to move business intelligence (BI) to systems, and ideally on Internet connectivity, which can be cloud based that will bring much greater accessibility and development of applications and services, or stay web based. The collaborative approach moves away the niches, both at the process level and at the level of the company, and in this area SMEs need open and access external services that provide or facilitate new processes, as larger companies have many more resources, visions and even more diverse collaboration.

The future is connected and invites us to develop ideas, we also have technology and knowledge for process reengineering and to transfer them to digital media, we just need to build the business plan, but if it already exists, it is just to start. Given the wave of the picture a few chose to flee and get home, but others think to get into the water with a surfboard, or build a hotel opposite, etc, what would you do?


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