Draw: Give a Website!!

Category: Web Design

The one holding the 98 ending is the winner (refference number from ONCE draw was 03098 on the 4th January 2016).

THIS DRAW IS CLOSED 4 January 2016

Christmas are here and ATEC+ID wants to celebrate with you.

Most have been good, you are getting win the battle against the crisis and that effort must have prizes. Give your company the final impetus to getting a good website for free, a real Christmas present.

To participate just send a message with the subject: WEB DRAW from

here, and hope the luck be with you.

We have extensive experience in the field of web development. Several companies have trusted us and now enjoy great results. You can check yourself:



Competition rules:

The type of website is optional, initially with one menu level without need to develop special programming or provide graphic-media material by ATEC+ID corresponds to a price of 100 euros + VAT. Lead time is 1 month. Any expenses relating to domain registration and hiring a hosting will be provided by the lucky one, although ATEC+ID will collaborate about this. ATEC+ID has the right to publish the name of the lucky website, and keep at it the review to the authorship of the building. Also, we reserve the right to reject the creation of web pages and/or topics ineligible by our ethical code. We will contact the winner on January 4, 2016.

Each participant will be assigned a number or numbers initially between 00 and 99 (if the number of participants exceeds 100, will be assigned from 000 to 999) which will be communicated prior to January 2016 the 3rd at 13:00, and the winner will be who match that number with the last two digits of the daily draw of the ONCE, the Sunday 3 January 2016, if no coincidence the day January 4th, 2016 will be used, and so on, but For the January 6th the last two digits of the Lottery of the Child 2016. The number to be used will be published in this same news.

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