Environmental Tax Deductions are interesting

Category: Photography & Branding

It is already known that the tax deductions in the societies tax for Investments in environmental protection installations are again very interesting to be in the 8% of validated investment. They are different from deductions for R & D & it, because they are calculated on investment made, and also set up, among other key aspects. In Madrid, in year 2012, 70 applications were approved and 38 million euros were validated, according to data provided by the Counsellor of the Environment and Territory Planning of the Community of Madrid, Borja Sarasola Jáudenes in the Foro Anavam that took place on the 27 of February 2013 at the CEOE headquarters in Madrid, where very different and interesting themes were discussed. ¡Take ATEC+ID into account to ask and apply for such deductions!

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