Exeltium Lowers Price of Electricity to Large Consumers

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Exeltium closed in July the Memorandum of Understanding to establish advantageous prices to large industrial consommateurs in sectors such as Aluminum, Chemical, Industrial Gases, Steel, Paper, Glass and Environment electricity. The agreement extends to approximately 100 plants in France Would this model be exported to Spain? The agreement of a current price of around 50 €/MWh in order to reduce it to 42 €/MWh with a commitment to keep the agreement until 2034 Exeltium born in 2006 do you remember the time of boom and other large buying groups large and small? materializing in 2008 and now formalized with a powerful group of member-consumers. Initially it is lowering the price of energy to these consumers to regain competitiveness, before regaining previous levels of price, as a measure to recover the above scenario of rising prices that came with the liberalization of the electricity sector back in 2005 - 2006 the price of electricity accounts for between 15% and 50% of the costs of production of the consumers, and the agreement has been forged by finding solutions between energy producers, consumers and the mediation of French government could have something similar in Spain? We have moved our opinion on multiple occasions during these years, it is necessary, no doubt, but there are additional hurdles in France: here there is a large power as EDF in France, there are several smaller and not all are Spanish, have also gone hand those heavy users who were in Spain, because it closed and in some cases dismantled facilities, the financial situation of those electric cast doubt on the viability and would add the existing nuclear opposition in Spain, an issue that could decide the feasibility of any proposed.

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