Expansion of Good Distribution Practices of Pharmaceuticals Distribution

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In this case DHL Freight Madrid which has opened its competence center for the pharmaceutical sector. These new facilities have been designed and are ready to serve the industry, meeting all requirements, with a prechamber of 170 m2, a chamber of 15 to 25 °C, and a camera at 2-8 °C for pharmaceuticals special, such as the heat-labile. This set of cameras meets the needs of the sector and have been mapped in temperature and humidity, as part of activities under the Quality System.

Ruben Gavela participated in the inauguration, COO of DHL Freight Iberia, Isabel Cartas, Technical Director of DHL Freight, who set out the requirements of the new regulation and European guidelines, Laura Gomez, Sales Manager of DHL Freight Iberia, and Santiago Mariscal , CEO of DHL Freight Iberia.

From ATEC+ID we welcome this inauguration, which is but a reflection of technological progress moved the business world, providing superior security for the consumer about the quality of the products (in this case drugs), that come. We continue to work on this line, and offering the sector the implementation of these quality systems, the audit relización transportation, storage and transport mapping and validating information systems.

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