Fantastic 3M Day

Category: Photography & Branding

Without wishing to dwell unnecessarily from ATEC + ID we recognize the efforts and brilliance of this day of 3M developed Garrigues headquarters in Madrid a few days ago, and called "Summit 3mil Year".

Had all the areas of innovation, from the spectacular Josep Torres, Kike Sarasola (RoomMate Hotels) and Estrella Carrero (3M) to technical excellence and brilliance of the presentations of all the speakers. It was one of those days where one passes it really well, learn and comes with a smile and good humor posts. We also thank Garrigues for their effort to keep these sessions despite the situation through.

Would emphasize, without customization, how innovation can occur, in addition to product and process, services, management models and market, interesting concepts and partially touched by the hand of Oslo and Frascatti (less), but that would open the field of tax deductions for R + D + IT in force in Spain. We believe these areas should be considered in the income tax law for Common Territory as the Basque country provides to accommodate in tax benefits to a wider scope of innovative activities rowing intensely towards competitiveness and disposal technology and software companies, which are now referred to lowercase.

It is also advisable to take into account the need to protect the development and innovation, making use of the various tools available, but not to protect the results of these activities, since the consequences of not doing so are tremendous with the latest rulings.

Finally only repeat that R & D + i is made and remains in people, and also in companies that know their own processes ahacia channeling via Business Intelligence, but fundamentalmnte in people, and that is one of the principal values ​​and of the leading companies.

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