Future Challenges for ASPAPEL

Category: Photography & Branding

Last March 20 was held "invent the future role" , a very interesting seminar on the challenges and research lines for the European paper industry, organized by ASPAPEL. The event has highlighted various aspects, all of them interesting, from the lines of the sector future research and methodology, to the little weight of the Spanish in the European Sector, which could focus some efforts . Teresa Presas gave a good description of the current EU, aimed at reducing emissions, with a growing population longevity, describing the efforts in progress in energy efficiency sector. The paper industry is being proclaimed as one of the key sectors to move towards a bio-economy, in line with European speeches, but without addressing or touching at all the issue of that cost, either from the field or from Europe.

Pilar Jericho was brilliant at exposing innovation, as a phenomenon of conjunction between technology and personal attitude. We have always explained that to innovate, people are vital. Highlights of his presentation, a very important aspect in all this, that we've encountered lately, emotions. Although it is a subject passed, there are still a few positions that defend the need to set aside the emotions of professional activity. Nothing further from making good decisions, and efficient solutions meeting the people for their work, which is often the success of businesses. Now, we refer to good management of emotions in business or professional activity, do not forget that to innovate are also needed positive emotions and that negative emotions exclude innovation generally. Aerate emotion is positive, provided that channel and choose the appropriate scenario.

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