Greenhouse Gas Emisions Increased in 2010 Due to Economic Recovery

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It was already known, but the wording of the news from the European Environmental Agency itself (EEA) is to show that there is some incompatibility between the legislation passed so far by Europe and worldwide and moved to economic growth, but does this have surprised anyone? This should make us review and rethink, not if we want one thing or another, but if both are simultaneously sustainable and to what degree, with current technologies. If European recovery levels in 2010 were mild, and this is a warning for its effect on GHG emissions, we should review the requirements on GHG emissions, it is clear that Europe needs to grow faster than it did in 2010. But is Europe ready for that? Why is headed in the opposite direction thereby increasing the demands? Why does when it is the continent that produces higher emissions? So far, in Europe we continue to reduce emissions by 47 year 90% to 2020. 

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