Horizon 2020

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The draw dates for first calls for proposals are very near, are espected to be published on the 11th december, for Horizon 2020, which replaces the Seventh Framework Programme for European R&D, already ended. It really is expected later this month, are published Call for Commitment to implementing strategic plans for issues that are simply compromise proposals or concrete intentions towards the fulfillment of the strategic plans of implementation from any European Innovation Partnership (EIP). The funny thing is that there is not a plan or intentions to implement the strategic plan by the European Commission.

Calls for Horizon 2020 become biennial, and the first is expected to be in December, but as the CIP program will close on January 25, it is clear that between each other will identify areas and issues that are to be financed so there will be many consortium that although they have made ​​their proposal to Horizon, may also be submitted to the EIP with a more focused proposal. Reappears metallurgy industry, metallurgical systems oriented in the field of raw materials and waste, interesting.

The trend in LIFE projects will be funding demonstration projects only. Spain has historically had good results in CIP and LIFE.

The overall approach to H2020 is focused more on excellence, that the development of new technologies and especially further demand from states. Someone said it is a public demand, to raise the technological level of companies based on business demands and criteria of excellence. In 2011 an analysis of European activity in innovation (R + D + i ) , which identified that Europe had a high level of scientific publications but was losing the ability to exploit the results of R + D + i , do these sound ? is very similar to the debate in Spain , arguing that Spain has a high activity in R & D and scientific publishing and even patenting, but is at the bottom in innovation, why? It has already been answered many times on this issue, one of the reasons is that the objectives are not raised on market output , profitability , practical needs , economic solutions , etc ... because who does not raise funds as well . A clear reflection of this situation, it is also identifying the Patent Share and the Manufacturing Share at world level, that were disconnected in the european case, this is, world reference to European patent activity is far superior to manufacturing or workmanship. This should not surprise anyone since it is the European Union itself which stands out energy-consuming activities, to make it the rest of the world who made it, even at the expense of a greater pollution proportion, less energy efficient, etc. . What the EU wants is to stick with a leading, clean, technologically brilliant, and excellent industry, although this addition is not insured at all, and requires huge funding and does not relieve Europe itself to help the rest to improve their conditions, keeping open the entry to their products thus manufactured. As an example, one can speak of the Electric Car or Smart Cities, both projects promoted from politics and the EU, but in both cases the technology is far behind current solutions or proposed solutions are not economically viable.

Another aspect that changes is the inclusion of professional managers for completing the projects and institutional relationships with other partners, and the Commission itself, changing the previous approach was mandatory that investigators bosses, get involved directly in the administration of projects. Hopefully both projects approved, such as how to manage finance, can move forward to our companies and economy.

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