Horse Meat in Burgers: Lack of Quality

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The Consumers Organisation (OCU) has found horsemeat in two brands of packaged fresh burgers, of twenty analyzed. So far, what is known is that no warning was in the labeling, and that quickly was passed that there was no food security. Anice (National Assoc beef industries of Spain) has responded to the report, rejecting their guidance and comments. In our opinion, we agree with Anice there is no commercial fraud, because we understand that according to information, it may well have been that the end producers probably have not been able to control or detect the presence of that horse meat. Now, is there a food security problem?, Not in this case as such, because the meat has been properly treated, but there is a problem of traceability, which is the basis of food security, in terms of product assurance from their raw materials.

We take this case to move to our followers the need to go further in quality control. It is not enough to control the quality in terms of percentage of rejection and claims management. At present, the most successful companies are implementing innovative systems and processes for both securing minimum rejection of finished and marketed products (in per thousand and per million) and to fully ensure the quality of their products, or that otherwise, total quality true. There are many tools for process control and product in each sector or type of business, from manufacturing to the packaging, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, ISO 9001, FMEA, and of course quality control systems that include raw materials as part of ISO 9001 or as standalone systems.

Quality can not anymore be overcome as curbvas a road, it is necessary to undertake and solve such problems. Only in developing economies and markets, improved standards are maintained only in terms of quality.

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