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Our companies and organizations generally have fairly advanced data acquisition and description of the business and industrial processes in recent decades, but no progress in the use of these data to guide the direction in which to establish the continuous improvement effort, which is making it easier for business progress. The most advanced have been developing strategies both as a source Business Intelligence, as well as development in knowledge management undoubtedly the basis of the use of such information and business market, but in a rather static way. The question at this point is whether we can develop a strategy to constantly update our knowledge management of our own processes. So far, the strategy is based on buying processes designed facilities, and establish all as a core business, without much evolved in a decade or two (even more). The current approach is very different, is to use all the advances in the understanding of processes, both data and information technology in general, to use as a competitive advantage, far beyond competitiveness based on cost.

Everything raised here, is at the base of the advanced management systems, in which it no longer seeks a mere compliance with the standard use of the ISO 9001: 2008, but requires addressing the analysis of the data, construct useful information, and use it with very different objectives. It is therefore necessary to manage these processes, such as knowledge management and continuous improvement of these processes or its products and / or services we provide. The key issue that reflects the evolution ISO 9001: 2015, and also in Kaizen and Lean Six Sigma is whether the information handled in the different processes of the company, and therefore in the actual management of the company, is really a reflection the reality of the organization and its processes, or that remains is a caricature. We can find many differences between these systems, the most widespread management standard ISO 9001 is based on ensuring that the inputs of a process are transformed seamlessly into a result that is the product or service of the company, and now 2015 amendment also this is done taking into account all areas of activity, and especially the risks that can make that transformation is not perfect, and not constantly improves. However in Kaizen and Lean Six Sigma systems different concepts are pursued in the first continuous improvement of all activities and processes, transforming people into owners of these processes, and providing them with appropriate tools to do so, and second, also used as basic criteria, eliminating what is not useful, it does not provide value, and caring for and enhancing the contribution of value in the process chain. This difference in approach is key to ensuring that go beyond constantly make a product compliant, and we will improve, etc, and if for any case of lSO described is necessary to manage data, for the latter is absolutely necessary to analyze these data, as part of knowledge management.

When it comes to governance, leadership and commitment, these days, is talking to manage organziaciones under current criteria as described above, enhancing leadership that supports people in transforming processes, through improving also performing tasks and commitment d elas people in order to improve visualization and process management. For this, it is necessary documentation of processes, both data collection or capture, as the reality of how processes are carried out, and this should be simple if there really process management. To do this, well, we already have technology that allows rapid transformations without much bureaucracy, as are all the computer systems of conventional architecture, with more advanced software, but also have cloud technologies in the update version it is automatic and avoids to update multiple documents in different events and moments. If you look, we return to the base every modern management should care, which is to achieve the commitment of people to make good use of the tools, put interest in the processes and progress, and therefore back to the need the company providing access to knowledge of the process, and all have technology available. Ask us for Apps, developed upon request.

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