Informe COTEC 2014

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The Informe COTEC 2014 confirms that the economic crisis, innovation also has suffered, continues to fall in 2012 the percentage of GDP devoted to R & D + i, to 1.30% from 1.36% in 2011. As improve their indicators Basque Country and Castilla y León. However, we draw attention to two concepts of running this report, with four fantastic graphics concerning the R&D leaving us this wonderful report, and pretty well for describing the shortage of Spanish innovative repercussion in reality economical.  

First, we focus on the utility of Spanish patents, growing steadily in recent years, but leaving clear that these patents are being generated at the University because there is nobody interested on the other side, there are no companies that go used.

Software,This is one aspect, which in our view, no straightening is achieved in Spain. If companies were concerned, the number of patents would be similar, because they work bidirectionally. Another aspect that reinforces this view is the ranking that deal in triadic patents (see chart), which have commercial value and are significant at the level of innovation, registered in Europe (EPO), Japan (JPO) and the U.S. (USPTO) where we occupied 28 of 29 considered.

Secondly we want to emphasize the assessment of the competitiveness of the country, where again it is amazing how we have fallen behind, not from the crisis, but since at least 1995.Software, Firstly note that we occupied 45 of 50 considered, and it is even worse if we read the table of international comparison of competitiveness in installments from 1995-2011. This table shows that we have not won virtually nothing of competitiveness, fact we lost, and we can comfort seeing that only Italy has lost more than us, the rest of the twenty countries all have gained something. .

The COTEC report is already an institution in Spain, never leaves us indifferent, and we wanted to reflect two aspects that we consider key to prosperity, competitiveness and innovation, where we continue to worsen. Recall, for competitiveness, what has gone wrong in Spain and / or the European Union (EU), see what has kept growing companies, including foreign companies on Spanish soil. Is there excessive interventionism, restrictive legislation in almost all areas? Are companies can exercise their activity freely and agile? Expenditure of resources? Generators with no value destinations/wealth? Regarding innovation we wanted to take virtually the only subject spoken of in positive, patents Is it good that a lot of resources doing work that is not needed by anyone? If businesses register 1.83% recorded between what college sist. health and government (graphic story) .... you are blocking solutions from the public system itself, or is invested in activities that no real value? It is not easy to answer these questions, but you have to be drastically improved approaches to solve or help solve problems too stagnant. 




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