InnoCash closing date 30 de abril de 2012

Category: Photography & Branding

This subsidies programme is centered in research results transfer to the market, the industry,...The objective is to finance projects in which the basic technology is already proved, to develop it and consolidate it for its application or to enter the industry, that is where technology identification and application is really made. As proved technologies, they must have an academic concept prove, in order to ensure directed research has been made, and therefore investment risk is lowered. 

They are 10 year credits with 3 years grace period, with a maximum of 1 M€ or 450.000 € without endorsements. The investment should be 500.000 € as minimum and 5 M€ maximum. When the programme was opened the interest rate was 1,2% but now it is 4,76%.

Foreign partners are welcome.