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We were with Hilario and Eusebio a few days ago, in their restaurant Zuberoa, one of the temples of world cuisine, the purest source and original innovation, very few global personalities have jumped , having visited since presidents of the best world football clubs to Bruce Springsteen, through major financial persons. We commented how their customers are absolutely global, since they cannot export consumers are brought their home, from remote sites, who could do it?. They started helping her mother in the kitchen back in the 70s and really develop this journey of innovation in the 80s, perfect reflection of that innovation is an issue that should be continuous and maintained over time, unless the contemplate such an action point leading to a traditional activity, with a predetermined life with an increasingly shorter duration in this global world . This case is completely related, either directly or collation of two aspects that we want to try, set forth in the Harvard Business Review about"conquering the indecision in companies", as a way to achieve debates and richer decision making, and the article by Mario Alonso Puig with the "guts quotient" which expresses very well other success factors that are outside the standard academic or occupational success. In the first case, we want to move here, the big difference between organizations where decision- making occurs at the highest hierarchical level and moves vertically with varying success, and companies where decision- making is made prior transfer indecision by the company. The transfer of indecision by the different departments and people of a company, has a great advantage, also related to the type systems of continuous improvement Kaizen , Benchmarking processes , etc, because they end up getting solutions in the belief of the people, much more calls beyond professionalism, though it is true that until a mature level of dialogue is very necessary the help of consultants as like ATEC+ID. Moreover, the " guts quotient " is one of the keys to successful businessmen or entrepreneurs, beyond academic success stereotypes or standard work. How often hear comments of surprise on people's success in business when they have not been so in education or at work, as if that were the only valid scope ... we must open the approach to reality, to see that things are not reduced to the simplistic, and that there is a universe of opportunities out there where we need to move managing fear and courage, both great support for our intelligence and our success, thanks Mario.

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