Investment Lows in R&D&i in 2012

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The latest data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) show that spending on R & D companies in Spain, has fallen by 4.1% in 2012. This cut is in addition to the reduction of wages, but not downsizing, which increased slightly, in just five people, but increased.

Spending on R & D accounted for 1.3% of GDP, down from 2011 when it accounted for 1.36%, but keep in mind that the calculation does not take into account the deduction of businesses for R&R&i activities, so it really is higher, although probably does not reach the destined for other European economies. From investment in R & D, 47.1% was contributed by the public sector, 45.6% Spanish companies, and 6.6% came from overseas. Public administration 7.4% cut.

There are several strong sectors in national R & D, including the pharmaceutical industry, a sector that is the largest investor in R & D in Spain, 972 million euro in 2012, of which 479 were in clinical trials. But beware, it's the second year since 2007 that this investment is lower than 1 billion, and that since 2008 spending has slowed, and accounts for 18% of all R & D carried out by the Spanish industry. Certainly its activity covers the whole range of R + D + i, allowing these companis to take advantage of tax benefits both R & D and the Patent Box, and other. There are many other sectors that could benefit from these advantages, and yet, do not make use of them, at ATEC+ID we are available to address these possibilities.

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