Law of Environmental Responsability Entry into Force

Category: Photography & Branding

The Law 26/2007 developed by the Real Decreto 2090/2008 has entered into force. That's why one must have environmental risks prevention and valuation mechanisms. Besides the unlimited responsibility, it is necessary to guarantee the repair of possible environmental damage even when the activity adjusts to the legality and the preventive possible measures were adopted, even after the cessation of the activity, and the repair of the above mentioned damages relapses on the responsible subject and not on the Public Administrations. The valuation for the establishment of guarantees is going to be established in near ministerial orders. There are specially affected activities included in the Attached Anexe III of the IPPC Law, though it is applicable to any activity. Consult us to,

  • Prepare the risks analysis 
  • Prepare the economic valuation of the finacing guarantee.
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