Lean Six Sigma, success or failure can be chosen

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We attend nowadays a strong following of the most successful companies; among those who have established and operate according to organizational systems LEAN or Lean Six Sigma (LSS). At present many companies of medium and large pose address this transformation. In this view should not disregard or silence the reality of the number of cases of failed implantation, which is about 35-40% environment, very high indeed. Why so many implementations fail LEAN or LSS?

Lean and LSS can be implemented in any sector, although it has been better known implantation in the manufacturing sector. These days there are many companies or departments "office" or "administrative" where they are implemented. The problems that both systems have to be successfully implemented are totally related to people, and especially with managers, steering committees of companies and their managers. This level of control of any company must necessarily be the first to be convinced that this transformation is needed and that this is the right route.

Transformation involves change and LEAN and LSS normally require major changes, changes in the management concept, which is not always easy to make and that often requires give and work for a long term. These changes involve changes in the philosophy of work, very often also reengineering of processes of different depth, etc. To be able to accept this change and embark on it, do not suffer, we must not set conditions on LEAN concepts and LSS , but at what conditions we mean? We refer especially to the management and decision making based on data, to the view of personnel as the great asset that is who can make the change, a desire to change, to making reasoned and logical decisions, the transfer of decision for precess improvement to workforce decisions, decentralization warehouse process by not collecting materials, and so many details levels. "This we have always done it", or "me I will say that, what I have to do things," ... all these are but signs and references that will help us identify who and where have more complications to change and evolve into LEAN and LSS, but do not forget that these comments come at any hierarchical level of a company. The positive side is that this problem can be seen by himself, there to discover only have to use all the knowledge of LEAN and LSS and my abilities to extend it.

All this, and more, explains why it is wise to hire outside consultants to help us to channel change, to manage the obstacles that we will, to know what decisions are sound change, and ultimately greatly increase the likelihood of successful transformation towards LEAN or LSS. Today there are big risks for companies that decide to take this path autonomously, with its own executives, department managers, etc, not realizing that knowing about LSS will not guarantee any success in the transformation, not know what the obstacles are, but success will be closer if you have experience, cases, and you are able to overcome those obstacles. The latter is key, and away from the controls of the company, since only by virtue of being, you will find almost insurmountable barriers, barriers that an external consultant will not have.

In this article we also refer to a recent case and extremely critical. For success is necessary for all employees (managers and employees) are able to work together and always maintain personal respect, adopt flexible schedules criteria for staff who can practice, etc. It is well known that the longstanding management criteria, where workers only obey and be silent as well as many other criteria have changed, and who is able not only to see but also to practice an attitude and a different management, it is not capable of leading such changes. We are witnessing today, in several cases in which there are companies, including multinationals, which remain at the forefront of business units or departments, people who have not been trained in the new management criteria and assessment of staff, or have not been able to make their own personal transformation, leading to its own staff constantly to demotivation. LEAN and LSS not only focus to train and take advantage of all officers, whether at any level, but also need these people evolve. Finally, always leads back LEAN thinking based on preventing shedding (waste), the mura (inconsistency) and muri (which is reasonable).

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