Loggerhead sea turtle nests on the beach of San Juan (Alicante, Spain)

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Great, sounds really good, will we have turtles nesting on our beaches in 20 or 30 years? It is known that sea turtles return to the beach to breed where they were born. Although only isolated cases are known, we sense that there could be a return to Turtle Spanish beaches, if proper care, these turtles like our beaches, especially around the Mediterranean axis towards the Canary Islands. In our coasts are wild beaches or very rarely visited, an example of this are some beaches of Fuerteventura in the Canaries. Sea turtles are a threatened group, with significant conservation problems animals and therefore are protected by various international conventions, such as Washington, Bern and Bonn, and by the Spanish legislation.

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment Valencia has certified the existence of a nest of 129 eggs of loggerhead turtle on the beach in San Juan. The discovery was made late last June by a few individuals observed as a large sea turtle out of the water and walked along the beach. The sighting was reported to the Ministry technicians to quickly and with the participation and assistance of experts from the University of Valencia, decided to remove the nest and move to a safer location. Keep in mind that the area chosen by the turtle to lay eggs on the beach of San Juan is massively used by swimmers at this time of year, plus it is cleaned daily with heavy machinery, making survival infants was more than improbable. All eggs arrived in perfect condition and to ensure the success of births has built a nest in a protected beach Albufera Natural Park in which 89 eggs were deposited. The remaining 40 are artificially incubating facilities Oceanographic Valencia. The births are planned for the second half of August.

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