The Need For Innovation and Competitiveness

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It has been published the GE Global Innovation Barometer 2012, conducted by an independent consulting, StrategyOne, excelent report and update about the global businesses innovation taking opinions of 2.800 managers and recognising innovation as the main lever for the economic growth, employement and quality of life. It is a report identifying perceptions with respect to innovation, that can be considered in the global reality. 

We can highlight four scopes and points of view highly relevants this report can provide us:

  • 9 of 10 executives consideres the crisis has a ngative impact on innovation but at the same time, also 9 of 10 consideres innovation is the main lever to create a competitive economy in their country.
  • Most think that innovation, intellectual property and patents are not enough protected and that those enhance innovation.
  • Almost 9 of 10 believe that innovation is achieved with partenerships among several players more that by an individual, and most of them thinks that partnerships and SMEs will be the ones to drive innovation through next decade.
  • The best help for innovation is in having creative people in the company, technical experts, and public financing support, long term investors.

Although Spain is not considered specifically, due to its absence in the Europe sample, could also talk about it... But we are going to focus in the dilemma and controversy surrounding innovation as a recipient of resources in times of crisis, since though recognizing innovation can solve the companies future and competitiveness, the way to enhance it is not found at these times. It is in these times, with lower activity, when more resources and more specialized can be assigned, specially human resources, to innovation activity, since less activity should liberate human and machine (or process) hours. Certainly organization of preocesses and people has a determinant influence in structuring efficient activities, but that is a part of the challenge. Companies are not society elements providing predictible and standar products or services, that profile belongs only to vary mature companies and processes and locally focused, in which competition trend is scale economy.

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