New IPPC Law into Force

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Last June the 13th the new integrated pollution and prevention control entered into force in Spain, the Law 5/2013 that modifies previous Law 16/2002, and also Law 22/2011 of waste and contaminated soils. This new law shows substantial modifications both in the activities aplication as in administrative processes.

  • It is modified in terms of activities affected by Anex I, ie, activities affected have been modified and are more, as waste treatment activiries.
  • The grant process period is reduced from 10 to 9 months, more symbolic than anything.
  • It eliminates the need to provide documents in proceedings for review or update the authorization, if it was brought before.
  • It excludes the duty of renewal of the authorization. This does not mean that will not be renewed, on the contrary, every four years will be reviewed by the advance of technology through documents on BAT. 
  • For authorizations already granted provides for review of the same, to verify its appropriateness, deadline January 7, 2014.
  • In initial applications will require a "base report" or "baseline report", in relation to the state of soil and groundwater. It also establishes certain requirements for facility closure.
  • It modifies the term of validity of authorizations for waste, IPPC installation.
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