No Acceptable Webs for Mobile and Tablets in Most of the Ibex 35 Firms

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It is at least surprising news published expansiónand that we bring here, since though ATEC+ID designs, installs, configures, develops and maintains domains, web pages and online stores of various kinds, we never thought that only two of the Ibex-35 companies webs would save a simple digital analysis, and far less its adaptability to view on mobile devices.

In our activity, we see very often pages going in the internet taht still can't be seen in 30% and even 80% of the devices, something that should not escape to professionals, much less to companies of this kind, still being the image of Spain in the finantial markets, next to nothing. Certainly things are changing much too quickly, from February 2012 to present Android (Google system) has increased its share by 45% to 78.8% in smartphones and tablets, followed Rim (Blackberry) with a 9%, Symbian (Nokia) with 6.2%, iOS (Apple) with a windows phone 3.3% to 2.6%. Although we should not let abrupt changes guide us, it is necessary to manage that changes, and of course you get shocked with the statement that "many departments of innovation do not yet know concepts such as responsive web pages", if this was really true, they wouldn't be innovation departments.

Ibex companies, we are here!

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