No Need for Renewing the Environmental Permit

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Since 2010, when Directive 2010/75/EU of 24 November, industrial emissions was published a number of provisions were established to incorporate the AAI before January 7, 2013 , and also the IPPC Directive establishing retouching BAT mandatory , failing the BREF and further testing. We were already expecting the process already begun by some of renewal , and where appropriate update, the AAI granted years earlier, generally between 2005 and 2007 (2008 ) for industrial facilities that were under legislation IPPC (Law 16/2002) when the June 7, 2013 the Law 5/2013 amending the IPPC Law and the Law 22/2011 on waste and contaminated soils was published, and introduced the integrity of these laws into a unified AAI rules , eliminating the duty to renew AAI for permitted facilities requested by January 7, 2013 and leaving at the expense of being made ​​in the three years following the issuance of the rating of the Best available Technologies (BAT ) sector type, compliance may be required .

To all this, we were surprised that diligence in the issuance of the statement of the Basque Government (Spain), exempting all AAI renewal granted, when you have just finished the decisions of the European Commission on BAT in December. The argument is simple, the AAI granted in their day, meet all the decisions and / or conditions. Thankfully providing certainty about the rules.

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