Optimum does not mean minimum

Category: Photography & Branding

Excellent example that I found today on the blog of Michael Baudin, although merit in this case should be given to Abhijit Deshpande. It really is just an example arising in the implementation of kanban systems, but very well brought here right now, "optimum does not mean minimum." At least we should be aware of this, and know that when resources, materials, services ... are provided with the minimum, there are always aspects of quality, service, supply chain, WorkInProgress, etc, that suffer and do not give optimal records. It is also important to realize that there can be different optimums depending on the target, an optimal Lean can be minimal waste or decline, but an optimum of JIT can be the minimum time. It is very satisfying to know what those optimal for each company, process, etc. But more than that is to know the set of optimums that allow to deliver the best results. 

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