Preliminary Situation Report

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Approaching the date on which the holders of potentially soil contamination activities must declare in the due competent Administration for the environment of each Autonomous Community, the Preliminary Situation Report prior to February 7, 2007. The contents of the report is set out in Annex II of Real Decreto 9/2005 of 14 January or which, if any, the Autonomous Community has established.

Potentially Pollutant Activities:

Those industrial or commercial type that due to hazardous materials or due to waste generation can contaminate the soil. Such activities are the ones complying some of the following assumptions,

  • Their CNAE code is included in the Anexe I list od the RD.
  • The company produces, handles or stores more than 10 ton/year of one or more substances included in the RD 363/1995, from 10 marzo
  • The storage of fuel for their own use, with an average annual consumption exceeding 300,000 l. and a total storage volume greater than 50,000 l.

ATEC+ID can manage this report if your company asks for it.

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