Programme CIEN from CDTI, and the USA vs China Competitiveness

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Already it published the call for CIEN Program that seeks to fund major projects of industrial R&D, with international projection, undoubtedly one of the most interesting CDTI programs.

You know you can find this and other calls on our information page of grants, but in this case we took the opportunity to refer to a subject that we have been defending for a long time, and highlights SIEMENS in an article published hereand is not concerned to anything other than to explain that US competitiveness versus China is based on work in R&D, and especially focused on the digitization, automation, electronics, etc, this is all that is related to the so-called industry 4.0 and the Internet of things, IoT.

It also seems very relevant, the point made concerning training and government support, considering the first concept, it is not possible to address extensively industry 4.0 if you do not have available qualified employees in contents like science, technology, engineering and mathematics, etc. It is in these technical fields where added value for products and processes, which are what can generate and maintain prosperous industries and companies is achieved. Failure to recognize this reality means, in our opinion, to surrender to the invasion of emerging countries, like addressing other markets based on cost, because that is one of the criteria for common and traditional economics. To address this jump, it is appreciated and in some cases it is essential, government aid, to ensure at least that the R&D are made and reach their final result, which validated or not, always brings new knowledge, required to be at the forefront and ensure prosperity. We do nothing watching the navel, or investing and financing projects that do not bring prosperity. CIEN is a program that promotes the generation of consortia of large companies and SMEs and also outsource research centers (IOs) in multi-year projects, which can be germ thriving businesses and industry generation 4.0. Do not forget you can subcontratarnos as consulting and equivalent services for the project.

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