Progress in the End of Waste Condition

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If we make a little history, with decision 1600/2002 of the EC began to want to differentiate what was a residue from what was not. From that time until the Directive 2008/98 were strange multitude of approaches and characterizations of products of industrial processes, especially in the case of the steel industry in terms of scrap, both produced in the Steelworks, continuous casting and lamination and reintroduced into the process to be recast or marketed. Law 22/2011 of waste and contaminated soil referred to the differentiation between byproducts and waste, but it was not until the issuance of Regulation 333/2011 for ferrous scrap and Regulation 1179/2012 for glass recovered that things are being rationalized. Basically, there are also problems of language, as these concepts have never had problems in the Anglo-Saxon Britain, Germany, ...) since differentiation and use of product terms, waste and waste no mistake, perhaps also for its long industrial culture. However, these terms have not been handled regularly, with sharpness and clarity in Spain, where on many occasions have been used instead of each other, without accuracy. We welcome the Regulation to the glass, noting that non-waste status refers only to the glass that will be aimed at recasting, and is finally recasted. The non-waste condition is volunteer, the producer is not required to apply this condition. We are certainly stranged, knowing well the iron & steel sector, that many steel producers are not making use of this new cataloging, and maintaining waste status of scrap in their activity, we do not understand why keeping the waste status all over the supply of scrap, and their managing system and mandatory communication to public authority. This obligation is given by the Integrated Environmental Authorisations IPPC derived, by Act of wastes and contaminated soils, and for those who still have room, they shall be bound in the renewal of the AAI in two years. There is one company that has implanted the process of non-waste status and two more in the process of implementation, but seems to be too slow. In terms of management system, there is no big difference between the derivative of the AAI and the new, but there is a difference between managing waste or managing materials.

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