Quality and Risk Control in Pharmaceuticals Distribution

Category: Photography & Branding

As we mentioned last month , following the publication of Real Decreto 782/2013 and the guidelines on good distribution practice of pharmaceuticals from the European Commission (2013/C 343/01), businesses and warehouses distribution of pharmaceuticals for human use are updating implementing a quality system that meets the above premises. The Health Authority is the one of each Community, so it is possible that there are differences between them and other communities, as well as one another's countries of the European Union. Just need to see what they are demanding for some new chapters in the British Health Authority or the Irish one, for what is involved in certain Communities in Spain. Anyway, ATEC+ID is working and building these systems and can also help in the following works to be carried out, such as the audit and validation of suppliers and customers, reviewing contracts with them and with other services can be outsourced, the implementation of the risk management system in each case, etc. Do not forget that it is important, and in this case required, to have a quality system, but it is equally important to apply it correctly.

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