Quality, TQM, and now ... Touch Forward

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Already some time ago I remember one multinational buying to another, with a certain premise evening to continue with very low quality standards (even lower) compared to the sector, and little intention of improvement and innovation, in fact design was excluded from certification. Those years passed, and also last day for TQM (Total Quality Management or Management Total Quality or simply Total Quality in Spanish), we refer to companies or organizations seeking to secure future have to start thinking, if they have not already done, to evolve towards extending the level of control and management, and especially towards more advanced type systems LEAN, six Sigma and introducing Agile practices especially Scrum, have you ever considered that a director is a member of project team, which is led by a lower level employee?. Some will ask what for that I implemented ISO 9001 or TQM? and the answer is, because thankfully it was done, because it is certainly one of the best foundations to address and implement organizational systems and advanced management, and particularly focused on customer satisfaction, the preservation and enhancement of value, and the establishment of control elements in production ( goods or services) for a smarter, advanced management, and based on deep knowledge of business processes.

There is some talk of who will be the next leader, China or USA, but the point is that the world is converging, until a few years who provided tech could ensure a successful future in the medium term, measured in revenue that makes innovation capacity. However, today it is considering that China will be a leader without that ability, but based on income or GDP. Is it a leader? The discussion is interesting, we prefer to expose a leader idealizes and a world to himself in it and practicing leader is established, and from that point of view the leader would USA that is who has been developing and testing the success of what others have been following , with varying success but following. The question is, is it sufficient to have volume purchase/expense, to be a leader? well, also , who sells a lot of is also observed by others who try to imitate their practices or part of them to achieve that success or position in this respect may be achieved leading China. 

We describe these two approaches, there is more to show that every company has issues, processes, functions, products, people, ... that can greatly enhance their effectiveness in the provided value in reducing rejections, use downtime in the management of staff ideas, innovation, ...... the list is very long, and not to say that it means having to be prime companies or industry leaders , but in fact if not sure what progress can not be or will not be. It is also very normal, many companies do not initially know where or how to move forward , because so far they had gotten very intuitive and easily. Now, once things are a little more complex, in many cases it is necessary to introduce processes that help to clear the forest trees that keep us from enjoying the wonderful meadow on the other side , though the forest itself is wonderful. Count on us to help and assist in achieving your goals.

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