R & D & i and Patent Box Tax Deductions before the End of the Year

Category: Photography & Branding

Tax credits for R & D & i and Patent Box, both in Common Territory and Regional of the Basque Country and Navarre have had major changes affecting the present year 2013, to be settled for most companies (with accounting year close December 31) in July 2014.

The news are both in deductible percentages and in deductible tax amount as in the basis of deduction application and even deductible concepts. Either these aspects and the preparation of economic and technical documentation, make it advisable for companies, acquire external consulting help or advice as ATEC + ID, since both updated information and expertise in these aspects and experience are important.

There are many examples of these news, both in Common Territory limiting the deductible fee is at 25% / 50%, as in the case of Gipuzkoa where the deduction for non technological innovation has been eliminated.

Another surprising aspect is that there are many companies that could apply for these deductions that don't. Maybe in the bask country with the increase of tax for cooperatives could boost the application od these deductions. From ATEC + ID we invite companies to consider these deductions, for which we offer to visit and run a free initial diagnosis.

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